The Problem, and Our Solution


"I read releases of liability everywhere I go - at all kinds of recreational facilities and at all kinds of recreational events (gyms, ski resorts, triathlons, marathons, bikes races, ski races, etc.)  Nine times out of ten, I can confidently say the release I’m about to sign has a zero chance of being enforced (especially in the states—like Wisconsin—where courts take a very hostile approach to releases.)  In other words, the form is less-than-worthless to the organization."

--Sandie Pendleton


This appalling rate of inadequately-drafted releases being used by businesses and organizations is jeopardizing those who work for them. Often these release forms were created by well-intentioned non-lawyers, or volunteer lawyers, who were not familiar with the many traps that exist when it comes to creating enforceable release forms, or who have not kept current with developments in this area of the law.  Release of liability agreements are important legal documents, which can provide substantial benefits to organizations and individuals, and must be approached that way. Well-drafted release agreement fees are not expensive, especially when compared to the high expense that can be associated with even one injury or wrongful death claim, or when compared to what your organization pays for insurance (or may pay for insurance in the future, after someone makes a liability claim against your organization). If you are concerned about your organization, and are ready to take a proactive step to ensure your organization is using proper release agreements in a proper manner, contact us.


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