Who We Can Help

 We help business and organizations ensure that they are using well-drafted agreements and forms, in the right way, so that they optimize their chances that they will not be held financially liable to persons who are injured while participating in athletic and recreational activities. We also advise such organizations on many other legal and risk-management issues.

Sandie Pendleton has provided this assistance to a wide variety of businesses and organizations; if you or your organizations fit any of the following categories, we can help:

  • Organizers of athletic events (runs, marathons, triathlons, bike races, downhill ski races and competitions, xc-ski races, open water swim races, boxing matches).

  • Health and fitness businesses (health clubs, fitness centers, tennis clubs, golf courses, martial arts studios, dance studios).

  • Pools and other aquatic facilities.

  • Parachute and skydiving instruction facilities and clubs.

  • Manufacturers of motorized recreational vehicles (motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, UTVs, power boats, personal water crafts, off-road vehicles, race cars, airplanes, ultralights)

  • Manufacturers of non-motorized vehicles/crafts (bicycles, hang gliders, traditional gliders, canoes, kayaks, sail boats, shells, sculls, surf boards, skateboards).

  • Businesses that rent out motorized and non-motorized recreational vehicles and crafts to others.

  • Organizers of state and county fairs (especially those that organize auto races, and other competitions).

  • Race-track owners and organizers (auto, motorcycle, motorcross, snowmobile, horse).

  • Organizers of multi-sport Olympic-style events.

  • Vacation resorts.

  • Owners and/or renters of sports and entertainment venues (stadiums, parks, arenas).

  • Summer camps, sport camps, and instructional camps.

  • Adult and youth sports leagues (baseball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, lacrosse).

  • Ski resorts.

  • Athletic instruction businesses (dance schools, ballet schools, cheerleading instructional centers)

  • Bicycle clubs.

  • Motorcycle clubs.

  • Auto rally organizers.

  • Flight schools (airplane, helicopter, hang gliders, gliders, ultralights).

  • Hot air balloon clubs.

  • Snowmobile clubs.

  • Zip line operations.

  • ATV and other off-road vehicle clubs.

  • Gun clubs, skeet ranges, and rifle/shooting ranges.

  • Archery clubs and ranges.

  • Game farms and shooting lodges.

  • Organizers of fishing contests and derbies.

  • Stables, rodeos and riding schools.

  • Waterskiing teams and clubs.

  • Rowing teams and clubs.

  • Sailing clubs and yacht clubs.

  • Hotels and resorts offering recreational opportunities.

  • Paintball combat facilities.

  • Rock climbing clubs and facilities.

  • In other words, if your business or organization provides opportunities for others to experience the excitement and many benefits of participating in recreational or athletic activities, which activities also carry with them possibility of injury; your business should be considering risk-management issues. We can help you with the many legal aspects of those issues.

    You cannot make a wrong decision by choosing us, as we are willing to offer our clients a money-back guarantee as to the release agreements we provide (contact us for full details). Yes, our services in the short term tend to cost more than others (lawyers and non-lawyers) who are willing to sell you a waiver form, but we stand behind our waiver agreements. The investment you make in our legal liability risk reduction services provides you peace of mind, and ensures that you (and others in your organization) can sleep well at night, knowing you have responsibly addressed this very important component of your organizations overall risk management program. We can help!

    To learn more about how we can assist you, click on any of the topics at right, or click here to get started now on the process of having your current release form reviewed.

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