Real-World Recreational Event Experience

Alexander “Sandie” Pendleton has been involved with hundreds of athletic events as a participant, race director and volunteer. A lettering-oarsman at the University of Wisconsin, Sandie has gone on to race in numerous marathons, triathlons, xc-ski marathons, national open-water swim championships, the Badger State Games and bike races. As a race director and race volunteer (including many years as a Iifeguard for the lronman Wisconsin Triathlon), Sandie understands the many and varied real-world pressures and risks that event organizers face.

As an attorney who has over twenty years of experience counseling clients involved in sports and recreational activities, Sandie has the experience and knowledge of the industry necessary to guide your organization down the path it should be on, when it comes to releases and many other legal issues. Sandie has "been there before" when it comes to the distinctive challenges members of this sector face. As a result, we are well positioned to be able to respond efficiently and effectively to your needs in a cost effective manner.

We are different from the many other businesses and lawyers who you could ask to guide you in this area. We believe so strongly in the strength of the guidance and agreements we provide, that we are willing to offer our clients a five year money-back guarantee as to our release agreements (contact us for full details). If you are considering using any other service or lawyer in this area of the law, ask if they stand  behind what they provide: ask if they are willing to provide a written five year money-back guarantee if the release they draft for you proves unenforceable. If they are not willing to do so, call us. 

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