Clients Who Have Worked With Alexander “Sandie” Pendleton Say...

"We operate a business where risk management is essential. We have worked with Sandie Pendleton for over ten years to assist us in this area. He is thorough, meticulous, and knows this area of the law better than any other lawyer we've ever talked to. He has given us and our clients options.  He took the time to thoroughly understand our business, and created for us agreements that fit our needs and budget. An excellent lawyer and a pleasure to work with."
Bo Babovic
President & Owner, AtmosphAir Skydiving Center, Inc. 
(Wisconsin, Florida, Hawaii)

"With more than 13,000 athletes competing each year in the more than 50 athletic events occurring at venues all over the State of Wisconsin, risk management is an important issue for the Badger State Games and the Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation.  The pro bono work Sandie did for the Badger State Games was thorough and thoughtful, and helped us ensure that both our paper and electronic liability-related agreements were crafted so as to help us reduce our risk exposure."
Ron Vincent
CEO, Wisconsin Sports Development Corporation
(Captain, 1982 NCAA National Champion Wisconsin Hockey Team)

"One of the most responsive lawyers I've ever worked with. Excellent attention to detail. He is our go-to-guy for practically all our agreement needs."
I. Edward  Salinas
President, Alliance Enterprises

"I do not hesitate for a moment in recommending Pendleton. Tenacious and thorough as the day is long. I've worked with him on organization boards, and he's dynamic and effective there. I've also seen Pendleton and his colleagues in action in court, and they know what they're doing there, and more importantly, he and they know how to win."
Neil Bretl
President & Owner, Hunting Science, Inc.

"Excellent lawyer and a thoroughly decent guy. He knows this area of the law, and gets results. Hire him."
Mark Resch
Owner, Resch Trading
  (Former President, Super Group, and Former Professional Snowmobile Racer)

“Sandie is a true expert in this area of the law [release, waivers and indemnification agreements].  He works directly with our business units to prepare the right agreements for specific events, product-users and suppliers nationwide.  Sandie has also worked with our Risk Management and Legal departments to develop a comprehensive on-line suite of standardized agreements, designed to be used efficiently by the business units with little or no changes.  Sandie... provide[s] high-quality service based on real-world experience.”
Associate General Counsel at a Fortune 500 Company (Manufactured recreational products and organized recreational events nationwide, since retired)

"We found Sandie’s attention to detail excellent. The documents and advice he gave us regarding our shooting facilities have been very helpful to us. Great value provided and a pleasure to work with. We sleep better at night knowing we chose Sandie to advise us on waivers and facility risk management issues." 
Mike Stanojevic
Secretary, WCRPC

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